Animal Control and Services

Animal Services

G&A Maintenance have many years of experience dealing with different animals and how they interact with our clients' properties. We are based in a rural farming community, and have a keen appreciation of our environment and wildlife. From removing badgers and moles where they damage your lawn and plants, to constructing and repairing paddocks and stables for horses, our professional landscapers have helped many clients acheive a positive balance with the wildlife around them.

Horse taking dog for a walk

Happy child riding a horse in outdoor arena

Equine Services

  • Erection and dismantling of horse stables and paddocks
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of all structures
  • Outdoor and indoor arenas built and maintained for horses and ponies
  • Show jumps designed and built to your requirements by our expert joiners
  • Construction or improvements to equine cross country courses
  • Weed control in stables, paddocks, and along bridleways and paths
  • Advice on getting the optimum efficiency from horse and pony paddocks

It isn't just horses and ponies that we work with:

Farmers, businesses and councils have contracted us for a wide range of animal related services. We help secure gardens and green spaces from wild animals that can cause a lot of damage just looking for food, installing fences around the property and even underground fences to keep out burrowing animals. G & A have worked to create wildlife sanctuaries that are inviting and beneficial to animals, whilst also installing sign posts and maintaining paths and access routes for the public to enjoy the sanctuary.

Wildlife and bird sanctuaries

  • Construction and maintenance of hides and observation huts
  • Maintenance and repairs of paths, fences, and gates
  • Weed control and surface repairs for car parks

Wild bird flying, tips of feathers at wings' reach

Show dog kennels and runs

  • Repairs and maintenance on kennels, fences and gates
  • Creating outdoor or indoor arenas and runs
  • Construction or modification of additional buildings