Lawn After Care

A well maintained country house lawn

Lawn After Care Service

Keeping your lawn looking crisp and fresh can be more effort than a lot of people have to spare. We take the stress and effort out, and leave you with a garden lawn that you and your family can enjoy. From small back gardens, to summer houses or stately homes with acres of green grass; we have the machines and knowledge to tackle any areas.

With our lawn care service, we will visit your home and treat your lawn four times a year with spring, summer, autumn and winter fertiliser and nutrients. We can also give advice on any concerns that we may observe, such as invasive weeds like Japanese Knotweed, or invasive animals such as badgers and moles. G&A landscapers have extensive knowledge of the different soil types around Yorkshire and beyond, so we know what nutrients to add and where and when to add them, to produce the shining green of the best lawn turf.