Paths, Tracks, Trails, Bridleways and Roads

Cutting roadside grass verges

Paths, Tracks, Trails and Bridleways

Paths and trails need attention to remain enjoyable to use. G&A Maintenance will strim and mow any grass sections, maintain fences and gates, spray to prevent any troublesome weeds like Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed. We have also been maintaining more and more paths that lead to wind turbines in difficult locations, as farms, companies and the public call for more rewewable energy sources. Our staff have helped maintain access routes to sensitive locations, such as military, government, or science and archealogical sites; but we give all paths and tracks the same high-quality maintenance no matter where they lead to or from.

Roads, Highways, Carparks

Maintaining roadside verges across the countryside, we will mow and strim grass sections, repair damage to any kerbsides, resurface hard surfaces, and keep the roadsides clear of debris. We can help setup temporary car parks for events, and provide temporary limestone paths to connect different parts of the event.

Flowers against fence at side of road