Animal and Pest Control Services

Rabbit eating grass

Rabbit, Badger, and Mole -proof Fencing

We fully understand the damage, invasion and upset caused by rabbits, badgers and moles to a well kept garden. Looking for food and seeing your lawn or prize plants as a lovely meal. Most people are reluctant to employ somebody to exterminate by use of chemicals or shooting, because obviously wildlife is a part of nature, which these day with advancing development is in decline. We offer a humane and effective alternative.

G&A Maintenance can perform a full study of your site or garden, and provide an evaluation of the best possible solutions; from simple landscaping changes to full eradication efforts. Once the animals have been removed, we can undertake installation of subterranean fencing to prevent their return. We have no problems incorporating any ditches, dykes or ponds in the site into our solution. If necessary, we can provide temporary electric fencing options to discourage invasive animals.