Grass and Weed Control

Tractor mowing acres of grass

Grass, lawn and grounds mowing

From small grass verges and greens, to the countless acres of stately gardens and grounds, we have the equipment and experience to provide you with the best grass mowing and weed control services around. G&A have strimmers and mowers for edges and small lawns, ride-on mowers for larger gardens and parks, as well as compact and larger tractors which can cut acres and acres.

G&A grass cutting services are available all year round, for one-off projects, seasonal contracts, and annually. We will discuss your requirements, how often you will need services, and any special considerations for the site you manage. However much lawn mowing and grounds maintenance services you need, we will have the skilled gardeners and grounds workers to do the task.

Weed control and unwanted plants

Invasive weeds like Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed can spread quickly and prevent surrounding plants from getting the water, nutrients, or sunlight they need. Our trained landscapers are experts at identifying and removing unwanted plants and weeds, manually and with spraying. We will look out for any signs of unwanted plants or pests, and let you know any concerns that we notice. Our landscaping contractors can also offer advice on how to stop unwanted plants from establishing themselves by rearranging plants or garden features to create a balanced environment.

If the weeds and invasive plants have left your grounds looking patchy and worn out, we can offer a complete lawn replacement service. If necessary we can clear out any remaining unwanted plants, lay down new topsoil with nutrients, level the ground off, and deliver and lay new turf. We source all of our turf from the local grower Fineland Turf, based near us in Sherburn. Or if you prefer, we can also prepare the area for sowing grass seed, and then return as necessary to make sure the grass gets well established and provide your new lawn with fertiliser and nutrients.